Mass Times


Christmas Eve - Thursday 12/24
4:00pm AOL
6:00pm STF
8:00pm AOL

Christmas Day - Friday 12/25
9am AOL

Tuesday - 6:00pm AOL
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 7:00am STF

Reconciliation 3:00-3:45pm AOL
Vigil 4:00pm AOL

8:00am AOL
10:30am STF

Office Hours

Office located at Ascension of Our Lord Church


Dec. 14 - 18
8:00am-12 Noon

Dec. 21 - 23
8:00am-12 Noon

Closed Dec. 24 — Jan. 3

Reopens on Mon. Jan. 4
Mon—Thurs 8:00am-3:30pm
Friday 8:00am-12 Noon
Office closed for lunch 12 Noon-1:00pm

Church Location
St. Francis Church: 818 W. 10th St. Donaldsonville LA 70346
Ascension Church: 716 Mississippi St. Donaldsonville LA 70346

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St. Agnes

On Jan. 21, the Roman Catholic Church honors the virgin and martyr St. Agnes, who suffered death for her consecration to Christ.

Although the details of Agnes' life are mostly unknown, the story of her martyrdom has been passed on with reverence since the fourth century. On the feast day of the young martyr – whose name means “lamb” in Latin – the Pope traditionally blesses lambs, whose wool will be used to make the white pallium worn by archbishops.

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Welcome to Ascension of Our Lord & St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Churches in historic Donaldsonville, Louisiana - A Eucharistic Community since 1772.  Establishment of our Catholic faith community pre-dates Donaldsonville by 50 years, at a time when the US territory was served by missionary clergy of the Catholic Church in Europe.


Christmas Mass 2020 Reservations

To ensure the safety of our Church family and maintain proper social distancing, we are asking that everyone reserve seats for Christmas Mass.


  • Reserve spots for 1 Christmas Mass only to ensure every family has an opportunity to come and worship 
  • Reserve no more than 7 seats for a Mass (if more seats are required, please contact the parish office)
  • If your plans change and/or you cannot attend, please use the Change your sign-up feature located above the Mass list, allowing your fellow parishioners greater opportunity to participate in Christmas Mass!

Click on the link to sign up!



Church Attendance Guidelines

  • Face masks required in church and please sanitize hands when entering the church
  • Max capacity:  AOL 250 and STF is 100
  • Enter church and go to the front of church and fill from front of church to the back to follow social distancing guidelines
    • Maintain 6 feet social distancing
    • Families can sit together
  • Additional Masses: Tues at 6:00-pm & Wed, Thurs and Fri at 7:00am
  • Once capacity is met, cannot congregate in the back of church
  • Communion:
    • Maintain 6 feet distance
    • Receiving communion: step away from the Eucharistic Minister, lower your face mask, receive communion and return face mask
  • After Mass concludes, please maintain 6 feet distance and slowly depart church 
  • Please do not congregate at the back of the church. Visiting should take place outside of the church.


Parish News


Ascension of our Lord/St. Francis of Assisi have been generous in our initial response ... Read More »

Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief Appeal - Most Reverend Michael Duca

August 28, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am grateful to God ... Read More »

Celebration of First Communion 2020

Celebration of First Communion, June 2020

  • Removing hymnals from church
  • Beginning to remove old pews (circa 1960s)
  • Gums attached underneath old pews. Signs of repair.
  • Removing pews
  • All pews removed. Old tile still intact.
  • View from balcony. Tiles still intact.
  • Tiles removed. Removing staples that held down old tiles
  • Tiles completely removed.
  • Tiles removed.
  • Staples to be removed.
  • Beginning sanding of the old flooring dating from 1896
  • 1st pass of sanding
  • 1st pass of sanding at Blessed Mother's chapel
  • Repairing wood steps at sanctuary