We congratulate you on the occasion of your engagement and upcoming marriage. If you are considering the Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church as the place for you to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage, we want to support and assist you in the best way possible as you embark on this very important commitment in your lives. If you have questions, please ask our parish wedding coordinator or parish secretary.

Fee for a wedding at Ascension of Our Lord

The fee for a wedding at Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church is $450 for registered, active parishioners, and $1,200 for others. Please note that the status of registered and active parishioner must exist for a year prior to the request to schedule the wedding. The fee includes rental of the church. 50% of the fee ($225 parishioner/$600 non-parishioner) is due upon first meeting with our wedding coordinator; the remaining 50% is due 1-month prior to the wedding. 10% for the total fee ($45 parishioner / $120 non-parishioner) is non-refundable. Although music is required at weddings, this fee does not include the hire of any musicians. Accompanist and other musicians are hired and paid separately by the bride and groom. Your list of wedding music needs to be approved by our music director, Ms. Sandra Mistretta (, 225-473-4341)

Scheduling a wedding at Ascension of Our Lord

1. Please call 225-473-3176 and speak to Ms. Dana Schexnayder, our secretary, to inquire about the availability of your desired wedding date and to schedule your first meeting with our wedding coordinator, Ms. KK Hebert (225-473-4383, The wedding date will be secured only after meeting Ms. KK. Please note that the wedding cannot be scheduled more than 14-months in advance.

Within a month of meeting Ms. KK, please obtain a written letter from the priest or deacon (if from another parish) who will preside at the wedding stating that he will perform the wedding.

If the Catholic party (bride/groom) is not a parishioner of Ascension of Our Lord or St. Francis of Assisi, he/she must obtain permission letter from the pastor of his/her Catholic parish church (registered or domicile).

2. Weddings are normally celebrated on Friday evenings at 7PM at Ascension of Our Lord. The rehearsal is normally held the prior day (Thursday) at 6PM. Saturday weddings can be held at 11AM, but no later, due to our reconciliation service and Vigil Mass. No weddings will be scheduled at times interfering with the regular schedule of services in the parish. Weddings are prohibited on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, and during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Florists, photographers, and videographers

Florists, videographers, and photographers MUST follow all guidelines of Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church.

Aisle runners are not allowed. It is not permitted to throw or scatter flowers, flower petals, rice or birdseed either

inside the church building or front of it. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to ensure that the florist returns at the end of the liturgy to remove arrangements, vases, candelabra, etc.; if this does not happen, the parish maintenance personnel will remove the decorations, flowers, etc., at an extra charge.

Wedding Mass Readings

Wedding Policy Summary Ascension